If you take the time to research what we do you’ll soon discover that there are HUGE differences between our agency and other agents. These differences can lead to significant savings where you don’t pay a cent until a buyer is found at the very best price for your property and you are 100 per cent delighted.

Buyers Waiting


We have detailed contact records that show you how many genuine buyers we presently have on our books that match the description of your home. These are buyers on our waiting list who have logged their requirements with us. We can quickly identify the buyers who are specifically looking for a home such as yours along with how much they are prepared to pay.

One All-Inclusive Fee

Everything is covered in our one all–inclusive fee. You don’t pay any money –not a single dollar –for any reason, until your home is sold and you are happy with both the price and the service you receive.

Please note; however, this does not mean that we take shortcuts in any way, whether it be in marketing your home or involving any aspect involving expense.   

Neil Jenman’s
Personal Guarantee

We are endorsed by Australia’s most trusted consumer advocate as his agent of choice for Brisbane’s Outer North and Moreton Bay regions.

Stephen Smith is one of the finest agents I’ve known in more than 40 years of working in the real estate industry. He’s both exceptionally honest and extremely competent and I’m proud that he’s a Jenman Approved agent.


Free Internet Advertising


One big benefit our sellers like about our system is that there are no advertising costs before or after sale. Some agents charge you thousands of dollars up front for advertising, which you have to pay even if your home doesn’t sell.

We’d prefer to prove our negotiation skills can get you thousands of dollars more for your property and you pay nothing until we deliver the extra money for you.

Free Information For Home Sellers

v-helpSome people only sell a home once or twice in their lives. We can provide you the best real estate publications, FREE OF CHARGE, that can save you a lot of money when you are selling what is probably your biggest financial asset, your family home.

Just call 07 3880 4311. There is absolutely no obligation and no uninvited agents will call!

Longer Opening Hours

People are busy these days, so we stay open longer to maximize viewing times with qualified buyers for your property. If buyers ask when the home is open we will often reply with, “It’s open seven days, when would suit you?” We then arrange a suitable time for a private viewing of your property by all decision makers. Convenient times for buyers are often Saturday, Sunday and weekday evenings between 4.00 and 8.00pm.

Happy Sellers – Hundreds Of Testimonials

thankyoucardOur satisfied sellers are our best advertising. Many of our first customers are still buying and selling with Stephen Smith Real Estate and are now bringing their families and friends to our agency. They often compliment us with, “You’re nothing like the other agents.”

Highest Price Negotiation System

hpnsWe use a brand new negotiation system written and tested by Australia’s trusted consumer advocate Neil Jenman which has been specifically designed to prevent your home from being UNDERSOLD!  We are trained in negotiation. We don’t pop an advertisement in the paper and sit at an open home waiting for a buyer to turn up and say, “Yes,” so we can say, “Sign here!” From the moment we greet you until the moment when your home is happily sold and we wave you goodbye everything is vastly different and represents great value.

Quoted Price Guarantee


Too many sellers are placed at risk by agents who over-quote a selling price to win their business, without having to honour the quote.

We want all our clients who are selling, to maintain complete control by providing an iron clad price guarantee in which we honour our estimate of your selling price in writing, before you sign anything. If the property sells below the minimum price that we quote you don’t pay any money – not one red cent!

For a complimentary copy of the Home-Sellers Protection Guarantee call 07 3880 4311 (7 days).

Modern Marketing

Over the past 14 years, we have developed a large in-house data base of potential home buyers. These buyers are updated regularly with email property alerts and personal phone contact. We also conduct ‘Heart Buyer’ searches for that special local buyer. Our sellers benefit from free advertising to the widest audience with exposure on all the top property portals. Our informative website also provides fresh consumer information attracting busy on-line traffic 24/7.

Property Silent Bid Document


The only sure way we can discover the buyer’s highest price for your property is by getting to know the buyers and using a Property Silent Bid document. Based on a concept developed by the Nobel Prize winning economist Sir William Vickery, this document ensures no competing buyer is privy to another buyer’s offer, as would occur at a Public Auction. This means that each buyer must offer their best price without being influenced by what somebody else offers.

Protecting Your Value

bag-of-cashSome systems are pushed by agents to advertise homes by negotiation, or offers above or with bidding guides. Agents may also say that offering a lower price attracts more buyers. However this only attracts buyers who will only want to pay a lower price which can do severe damage to the value of your property. To protect the value of your home, we discuss with you the setting of an attracting price–not a bait price. This price is high enough to protect the value, yet still be appealing enough to attract the best buyer for your home. Your lowest price, i.e. your bottom line is no one’s business but your own.

Highly Trained, Motivated and Skilled Sales Team

The agent you employ should be a skilled negotiator who knows how to use a negotiation system proven to achieve the HIGHEST price for your property. We are salaried professionals committed to ethics and client care over and above industry standards. With the best available ongoing training we have the learning and skills to get you the BEST possible price.

Making It Easy For Buyers To Buy


Agents often tell buyers a home is open for inspection at a certain time – usually on a Saturday, for half an hour. This time frame can be inconvenient making it hard for buyers who will often go elsewhere. We take the time to listen to what buyers really want and make it easy for identified and qualified buyers, with viewings at a time tailored to suit both them and you, not just a time that suits the agent.

Best Price Guarantee

We are the only agent in the area that uses a proven negotiation method that’s getting thousands of dollars extra for owners all over Australia.

Backed up by some impressive research and testimonials from thousands of delighted home sellers, this method is so effective that we can guarantee you the highest possible price when you sell.

or Public?

Many traditional methods of sale i.e. public auction are favoured by real estate agents, but what about home sellers? These days most sellers prefer to be in control of the selling process. This can be achieved when you insist on a 100 per cent no risk guarantee of service in writing from the agent. Research shows private auction or private treaty sales get much higher prices, often as much as $100 000 more than public auctions. We can demonstrate to you how public auction can only get you the second best price.

Hire A Certified Negotiator


“You don’t always need a boom to sell for a sensational price,” says Stephen Smith, a certified Jenman negotiator who has specialized in selling residential property for over twenty three years. Stephen believes that there are TWO KEYS to selling your property that when done well can quite literally add AT LEAST AN EXTRA 10% TO YOUR SELLING PRICE.

The two KEYS are: The METHOD of sale and the NEGOTIATING SKILL of the agent. Stephen will show you how it may well be possible for you to GET a BOOM TIME PRICE for your property right now, in this market.

A Culture
Of Client Care

jenman-giftboxWe understand that in many instances there is a vital ingredient lacking in the relationship between real estate agents and the sellers they represent. That ingredient is TRUST. Our team is committed to the highest standards and the on–going study of ethics, values and client care to earn the loyalty and trust of our home sellers.In doing so we always place our client’s interests ahead of our own.

Hire A Team—
Not A Hog

In many real estate offices, the salesperson who lists the home is the only one who gets to handle enquiries about the home from buyers. These agents effectively ‘hog’ the home for themselves. They don’t let the other salespeople in the office show the home to buyers. The number of buyers for the home is then restricted. Our team is committed to working with all available buyers and share all the enquiries on all listed properties to get the best prices for our sellers.