Following are some questions we have been asked (and others we expect to be asked) together with our answers and comments.



With your agency do I have to pay money up front as suggested by another agent?

No, never! You only pay us once your property is sold and you are 100% happy with the price we get you.

What is a ‘certified negotiator’?

As a Jenman Approved agency we attend training that specifically deals with the art of negotiation. This is an ongoing course where consistent attendance and understanding of the 42 principles of negotiation is confirmed with written certification .Further to seminar training , reading on the subject of negotiation and in house skills training is essential to ensure we maintain the highest standards to achieve the highest price for our home sellers.

Why are some homes advertised in the newspaper over and over?

Many buyers will ask this same question. Often they will start to think that the home is being rejected by other buyers and wonder why. As a result the home may earn an undeserved ‘Lemon Tag’. The more a home is advertised the less chance there is of getting the best price for it.

What is the difference between advertising and marketing?

Advertising is just one of the processes where a message is conveyed that your property is for sale. Marketing is the term used to cover all the methods that are necessary for a professional agent to use to sell your property for the highest price.

What if an agent says they can’t tell me what my home is worth?

An experienced local agent should always be able to provide you with an honest and realistic price quote based on comparable sales figures and market conditions. Be careful when an agent suggests that a public auction is the only way to find out what the market says , or even worse , if the agent asks you how much that you want for your home.

How do I get the best price for my home?

The chosen method of sale and the negotiation skill of the agent can mean at least 10 percent difference to your final selling price. The best agent will show you ‘how’ they negotiate the best price for you and explain in detail the best [and safest} way to protect the value of your home.

Should I list my home with a discount agent?

Picking an agent based on a discounted fee is rarely a failsafe option. When selling your home, you want the best available negotiator working for you and by definition these ‘sought after’ agents don’t work in discount agencies. You pay for the service you get. If the agent is quick to give away their own money, what will they do with your money during negotiations with a buyer?

How do I really know the agent is working for me?

Try ‘mystery shopping’ the agent [or ask a friend to do it} by asking about the homes the agent has for sale. See if the agent is loyal to the sellers. This will tell you if the agent is going to betray you or protect you



What happens if there is another buyer competing for the same home?

This can happen in a hot property market or if a particular home is quite popular and attracts a number of buyers. In this instance, the duty of the agent is to make the sellers aware of all interested parties. This means that all buyers should be given equal opportunity to make their best offers in private.

We are buying our first home, is there still a government grant available?

In Queensland, depending on your date of contract, you’ll receive $15000 to $20000 toward buying or building a house , unit or townhouse [ valued under $ 750000 ] . Keep in mind ,the dwelling must be a new build or a buy ‘off the plan’ home.

What happens once we’ve bought a home?

It’s quite likely that there will be conditions on the contract that will need to be satisfied for your purchase to go ahead. Some common conditions often stated on a contract are subject to finance approval, building and pest inspections and paying of a balance of deposit. Dates for the completion of each condition are stated on the contract.

What is the meaning of the term- an unconditional sale?

The sale is deemed unconditional once all parties have satisfied all of the conditions of the contract.

What happens to the deposit once we have paid it?

You will be issued with a trust account receipt for all deposit monies paid. The deposit is then banked immediately into an official trust account . Trust accounts do not earn interest. The deposit money paid goes toward the purchase price of the property you have bought, then on settlement, the agent will forward the deposit to the seller, less the agents selling fee.

How do I find a home for a bargain price?

Sometimes there is a reason a home sells for a perceived bargain price. There may be something negative about the home or it’s location that’s not immediately noticeable to the buyer. Conversely the best homes rarely sell for a bargain price. Demand will generally dictate that these particular homes should sell at a fair market price or even above in a number of cases .

What if interest rates start to rise again?

If you are borrowing, consider what will happen to you when [ not ‘if’] interest rates rise. As a safety margin, you should always add four percentage points to the cost of your loan to see if you could still afford the loan.