Our team is committed to providing you with the best buying experience by working hard to find you the right property with a minimum of stress and worry. This is achieved with a combination of personal contact, priority property alerts and current market reports.

New Listings –
Find Out First!

Our email alert is a popular service that we provide for everyone from the first home buyer to the most experienced investor. Our priority is to work closely with you to find the perfect home. Register today to be the first to learn about all our new property listings.

A Genuine Quoted Price!

When quoting a price, without exception, we will always advertise the price that the seller is prepared to accept. This ensures that you as the buyer are saved from the frustration and confusion that is created by ‘PRICE GAMES’ where an agent will quote a ‘bait’ price that is below the real value of your home. With a genuine quoted price you are the one in control.

Property Investment Division

At Stephen Smith Real Estate we list many properties for sale that we believe are excellent long term investments. Rather than buying through the property ‘spruiking’ industry, savvy investors are finding out that they are much better off buying from a property investment expert based in the local area. We can arrange a time to suit you so that you can sit down with us and discuss exactly what you want and where you want it.

Buying At Auction

gavelA major ‘law of selling is to make it easy for the customer to buy. Yet agents will still push the cumbersome and expensive method of auction. A buyer’s interest is stimulated by the right home, not the auction system. Auctions actually deter buyers. If you are thinking of bidding at an auction we can help you with seven rules that can protect you and minimize any financial and emotional damage.

Just call one of our team on 07 3880 4311 (7 days).

Free Market Information

We can provide you with current data on any suburb including price growth, median price and number of days listed for sale on the market. We also have FREE information on market predictions and rental vacancy rates for investors.

Inspection Times That Suit You!

We make it as easy as possible for you to inspect homes at times that suit you. These private inspections are scheduled to enable you to view the homes without being rushed or surrounded by hordes of strangers who are just there to have a look.

Don’t Buy Your Retirement Home Without Me


Living in a retirement community provides a great lifestyle choice for retirees. Our senior clients (and their families) have endorsed the information within this free book. It has proven to be an invaluable source for researching and discovering some of the hidden traps and the financial pros and cons of this complex property sector.

To order your FREE copy call 07 3880 4311 (7 days).

Buyers Agency Service

Many buyers today don’t have the time to search and are seeking a much needed advocate to take away the stress and worries of buying. We provide a range of services that start at simply ‘watching over things’ for you, through to inspecting homes, bidding at auctions and negotiating with agents on your behalf. As the COMPLETE AGENT we can help you to buy as well as sell.

Professional Finding Services!

Do you have a particular suburb that you desire; maybe a favourite street, or are you waiting for that perfect home to come up for sale?  If so, you are like many people who we help every week with their ideal wish list. Like them, our agency can offer you a PROFESSIONAL FINDING SERVICE!  This is where our FINDING CADET will go out looking to find the perfect home for you.

No charge! No catches!  We’d love to help you make it happen!


Easier To Buy From

When you find the right home we will advise you if there is another buyer interested in the same property. Unlike the public auction system, you are given the opportunity to privately offer your best price for the home on a contract. The contract can then be presented to the seller on the same day. The contract can also be supported by a Property Silent Bid document, which is always presented in confidence.

Investment Scams – Help To Keep You Safe

f_homesellerhomeownerIf you are in the market to buy a property we are here to help you with the best consumer information available. We are proud to carry Jenman Approved Accreditation and have the support of the Jenman Group. Neil Jenman is a community consumer advocate and a fearless investigator of scams. If you have had, or are having, a bad real estate experience, you can call us on [07] 38804311 or visit www.jenman.com